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Getting Started With CrossFit

New to CrossFit? That's great news! We will take you through a foundations program that will teach you everything you need to know before jumping into classes. 

Like all CrossFit gyms in Kelowna, foundations is a necessary step to ensure a strong understanding of what we do in the gym. From the basic functional movement to breathing technique and  moving with awareness, our CrossFit 101 program is a complete guide for beginners. 

It will take you through all the movements you will typically do in CrossFit;  including Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Conditioning and more. We want you to be mindful of how you move and how it impacts everything you do.

We understand that everyone is starting with different goals and we aim to meet those specific goals for you. CrossFit 101 allows us to asses where you are and get to know you better. 

Let's do this!! Book your free consult NOW!

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