Get to know the CrossFit FYP coaches

Renée-Claude Rioux: Owner/Head Coach

Renée graduated from University Laval in Quebec with her Kinesiology degree in 2009. Since then she has dedicated her life to working in the fitness industry. She worked for the Canadian Forces as a fitness instructor for over five years, training military for special unit task and fitness test.

At the time, she was playing elite level soccer and training for several races (5K-10K- 21.1K).


Renée officially started coaching CrossFit in 2014, after practicing the sport for over 2 years. She completely fell in love and started to train hard to be able to compete at a high level. Renée qualified as an individual for the 2016 & 2017 Western Canada Regionals and finished in 18th place in Canada after the 2019 CrossFit Open.


She has her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and CrossFit Gymnastics course.


With 10 years of personal and group coaching experience, a running and gymnastics background, she has a deep desire to inspire and help everyone that is ready to get after their goals.


David Coulombe: Owner/Coach

David has always been a very talented athlete. He started really young training for speed skating before switching to soccer, which turned out to be very successful for him.

He played at a very high level (D1 under 15) in France, then with the most elite club of the region of Quebec for over 8 years. He also coached young talented athletes for over 7 years.

Later, he needed a bigger challenge and started to  get into running and took part in several races in the province. Since then, he completed 11 marathons (42.2K) and has discovered a real passion for endurance sports.


He now competes in triathlons and started training for his first IronMan next year. David is a very motivated hard worker with a powerful mindset.

No one can take him away from his goal.

Leesa Schlenker:  Coach

As a ‘try it all’ type of athlete growing up Leesa fell in love with pushing the limits of her fitness. She competed in many sports growing up, but strength training and time in the gym is what she looked forward to every day.

From this passion she chose to pursue a degree in Kinesiology, specializing in health and exercise physiology, with a keen interest in strength and conditioning. 

Throughout her schooling and over 7 years of coaching experience, Leesa has been a strength coach for multiple university sports teams, elite hockey teams, worked with aspiring speed skating and alpine Olympians, and has helped everyday athletes move towards their own goals. 

Leesa’s passion for fitness development has seen her pursue her own strength and fitness goals across many domains. From distance running to olympic-style weightlifting, athletic development, and road/mountain biking, she has always looked for new ways to test and improve her fitness, seeking new opportunities to challenge herself.

All this led her to join CrossFit, a challenge she’s never looked back from. Leesa fell in love with the culture of continuous improvement and drive to be better every single workout. She is inspired daily by each person who walks into the gym and they challenge her to continue to seek the best version of herself.

Leesa is committed to helping you step out of your comfort zone and really see what you're capable of!


Kayla Bauche: Coach

Kayla can’t remember a time she was not playing on a sports team. She particularly liked Basketball, playing throughout high school and college, until she found Rugby. Kayla represented Manitoba at the U19 National Championships and continued to play Rugby after her schooling with the Brandon Barbarians in her home town of Brandon, MB. She started CrossFit in 2013 to prepare for the upcoming season with her club. 

She instantly fell in love with the high intensity workouts and the community in which she was a part of. She loved that every day was different and that there was always a new skill to try and tackle and perfect. Kayla dedicated her free time to training in the sport which resulted in her CrossFit Open scores helping qualify a team for the 2017 Western Canada Regionals. 


Kayla also started competing in the sport of weightlifting that year, qualifying for her first Sr. Canadian Weightlifting Championship. After moving to Kelowna, she trained solely weightlifting for the next 2 years competing in the sport with multiple podium finishes within BC and Western Canada. Kayla possesses several string to her bow; she has her NCCP Weightlifting Club Coach certification, CrossFit Level 1 course and L1 Precision Nutrition. 


Like many, CrossFit was truly life changing for Kayla. She hopes to share what she has learned over the years about the CrossFit lifestyle to create a positive impact in others’ lives to help them live healthier and happier. Kayla’s wish for all CrossFit FYP members is to fall in love with moving their bodies and develop a positive mindset in everything they do. Trust the process. Work hard. and most importantly, have fun!  

Kaylie Hadley:  Coach

Kaylie has always been very active. By the time she was twelve she was already a top tennis player in the province of Ontario. She went on to play varsity tennis at the University of Toronto as well as varsity badminton at Ryerson University. All that while coaching tennis to kids in the Toronto area.

Kaylie’s competitive nature and drive for healthy living lead her to many other sports over the years including gymnastics, Brazilian Jujitsu, field hockey, volleyball and golf.

In 2018 Kaylie began her journey into body building with the goal to train towards a physique competition which she completed in 2019.  

Looking for a more sustainable fitness path, Kaylie tried CrossFit and was instantly hooked! She loves that in CrossFit there is always a new skill to learn or a lift to improve on, all while having a great support group around you.

In 2020 she completed her CrossFit Level 1 Certification with the goal to help others succeed in their fitness journey. Kaylie is committed to bringing a positive outlook to every class and helping you become the happiest and healthiest version of you!

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