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Time to Feed Your Potential.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Summer in the Okanagan is already almost over! Is it just us, or does it feel like it went by faster than ever? Fortunately, the best time of the year is actually just ahead of us. Time to get back on a healthy routine and into serious consistent training with a great motivational goal: THE CROSSFIT OPEN 2021!! Can you tell we’re excited? Well, you should be too!!

CrossFit HQ announced a couple weeks ago that the 2021 CF Open will be pushed to this winter. The action will start in February 2021. It might seem like it’s far away, but the earlier we start getting ready for it, the better we will be. Now is the time to get excited, set some goals and look forward to it.

Why? Because the CF Open is magical.

If you are fairly new to CrossFit and wondering what we are talking about: it consists of 5 weeks of online competition open to every CrossFitter from anywhere around the world. No matter your age, fitness level or experience. RX and Scaled WODs are offered.

It’s hard to describe.

It’s not just another workout. The heart of this event is to create a healthy, exciting and supportive atmosphere for everyone to push themselves harder than they ever thought they could, through a friendly competition! That feeling of surpassing yourself over the course of these 5 weeks, with your gym community is one of the best. Yes it’s a bit stressful and hard… But it’s mostly gratifying and SO FUN!!

You will also learn so much about yourself: about your strengths, weaknesses, pacing and mental strength. Great things happen when people are put to the test!

We will get back to you in a few months with more details about our plans to throwdown all together for these exciting 5 weeks!

We are firm believers that without a goal in mind, it’s difficult to stay motivated. With everything that has been going on this year, more than ever, the CF Open will be the next best thing to keep you in the game. Even if your first goal is not to compete, it will bring out the best athlete in you.

The purpose of this blog is to share our programming intentions for the next 6 months, leading towards the CF Open. We want to do our absolute best to make you better and stronger, so you can crush your goals. The plan will be simple and efficient.

For the next 12 weeks (September/October/November) our focus will be on strength work and improving your weightlifting/lifting technique. We will be testing a bunch of 1 RM starting in the middle of September in order to have a starting point and keep evolving with it.

The following 4 weeks (December) will be more of a maintenance phase and back to more cardio. We know it’s a busy time of the year and we will give you a little ‘’break’’ before we go back hard in January.

The following 12 weeks (January, February and March) will be very Open oriented. It will consist of some old Open workouts: lighter weight, faster pace. We will work on cycling the barbell better, being more efficient with your movements and transitions and pacing yourself. Also, a little bit more gymnastics technique and skills, in order to reduce weaknesses.

If you are interested in going more deeply into it, come and ask me or David any questions you have! We will do our best to make sure you get the most appropriate and efficient programming that will make you fitter the smart way, always with purpose. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback, tell us how you are doing, talk to us about your goals and improvements. We want to know because we want to help you become the best you can be.

We hope you are as excited as we are!! Bye bye Summer, time to get on that Gain Train!!

Written by: Renee

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