COVID - 19 Policies Update and Procedures  


In accordance with BC Government and WorkSafeBC latest requirements the following will be implemented to ensure the safety and comfort of all members of our CrossFit gym.
Updated on February 2021. 

We are still accepting new members!
New to CrossFit or experienced, please email or call us for all the details on how to get started.


  • Control Access:
    - Staff will be present on site at all times when the gym is open. No will NOT be allowing any out of town visitor or ’’drop-ins’’ until    further notice.


  • Monitoring symptoms:
    - Staff will be monitoring symptoms of all members before they enter the warehouse area. Anyone presenting symptoms such as    (but not limited to): cough, difficulty breathing, sneezing or fever will be kindly asked to go back home.


  • Physical distancing and cleaning:
    - The gym area will be limited to a maximum  of 12 people at the same time.
    - Each class will be 15 minutes apart to allow cleaning time between classes and avoid gathering.
    - Members will not be allowed in the gym more than 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. Before entering, members will have       to wait outside until everyone from the previous class has left the building.

    - The change room will be limited to a maximum of 3 people at the same time.
    - Members will have to respect their designated workout space in order to reduce contact with others. Each workout space will           include spray bottles and clean clothes. Members will have to clean thoroughly all used equipment after the session. There will       be NO sharing equipment between members.
    - Members will have to continue using our reservation system prior attending any classes. 
     -Everyone will have to wash/sanitize their hands upon entering the gym and before leaving. High fives and handshakes will be          avoided. 
    - Coaches will make sure to clean bathrooms, door handles & common area between each classes.


  • Masks policy:
    - Everyone MUST wear a mask when entering the gym and in the reception area/change room. Once the member has reached
       his/her safe designated workout space he/she will be allowed to remove the mask for the duration of the class only.


  • Programming: 
    Due to the risks associated with increased respiratory rate, the programming will be oriented towards low intensity workout, strength and weightlifting.

    We are doing our best to keep everyone happy and healthy! Thank you! 
    CrossFit FYP Coaches


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